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For a great site about the Mississippi River check out river trip. It's got a ton of information and my book will soon be available through this website, so check back in the near future!

TheRiverHiker is author Chris Markham. "Writing is a jealous mistress and I work as a photographer to buy my time with her. Because, as most American writers know, it is not a good idea to quit your day job.

"And at an early age I got to like being on the American road, meeting people and seeing the country at eyelevel. There's something special for me, a certain kind of magic, in that sunrise cup of coffee in a roadside café outside a town where my boots have not yet seen Main Street. . . ."

Chris's work has appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, including Modern Short Stories, 2AM, Right Here, Fiction Writers Monthly, Northwoods Journal, Info: A World of $ense, Grit, The Iconoclast. . . . Since his teens, his hitchhiking thumb has carried him into adventures across America, and his first book, MISSISSIPPI ODYSSEY, is a journal of his experiences hitchhiking boat rides down the Mississippi River. It received good reviews--Library Journal, Waterways Journal, Catholic Weekly, Alan Caruba's Bookviews--and a testimonial (unsolicited) from Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
It was offered as a Featured Alternate by the Family Bookshelf Book Club, and a new edition was recently released as part of the program sponsored by The Authors Guild.

(Read Chris's essay, "The Writer Who Couldn't Read," in the new inspirational book for writers, A Cup of Comfort For Writers.)

short story, "It's Just a Rattlesnake," was recently published in THE ICONOCLAST, Issue #104. (write me if you want the address of the magazine.)


Mississippi Odyssey is now available in EPUB, Kindle and NOOK formats, as well as trade paperback .

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Chris Markham, known as The River Hiker, aboard the harbor tow Mike Harris

"....You were a member of the family of writers even then."
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

How I learned to read at twenty-something: